Monday, June 22, 2009


I had my first prenatal appointment today. After spending an hour waiting, I finally got to pee on a stick, have my blood pressure taken, and get a pelvic exam (whoopee!) The pregnancy test was positive, blood pressure was good, and my uterus "feels pregnant!" That was as good as I could hope for.

I got the note excusing me from work for the next 10 months! I can't wait to clean this house and decorate some cakes! It will be great.

I have a dating ultrasound on Wednesday at 1:30... keep those fingers crossed for me!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Whoa 10 months off?! Just because the nature of your work? That's awesome.

  2. Totally, right? It's like she doesn't think I should wrestle with great danes, get bit, get pulled off my feet, have to get a rabies shot and/or surgery, stand on my feet for 10+ hours a day, play with angry kitties, etc