Monday, June 15, 2009


Well, yesterday, the NASCAR race was at MIS. I've been whining to James about how I can't find a shirt with my favorite driver on it (Jamie McMurray) anywhere. So he decides we should just drive 30 minutes out to MIS and get a shirt at the stands outside the race. So by the time we walked all the way around the 2 mile track twice (we walked right past his trailer the first go-around) I was too tired to walk back to the car- got to love pregnancy. So I decided to just walk up to the booth and see if there were any tickets left. They had some great tickets CHEAP since it was only 30 minutes til the start of the race. So I bought us tickets and we watched the race. We had a blast. I figured, we have to do this fun spontaneous stuff while we can! Jamie ended up in 11th, not too shabby!

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